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Cambridge Centre for the Integration of Science, Technology and Culture


Projects, Programmes and Conferences

CCISTC benefits from the wide network of its steering directors and international partners. With these networks, CCISTC organises and attends conference events regularly, and is a key stakeholder in various collaborative projects and programmes. 


The activities we are involved in include but not limited to the followings: ​

  • Interdisciplinary research projects: we work on interdisciplinary projects to provide in-depth thoughts, consultations and solutions to funding bodies and research partners. ​

  • Conference and seminars: we organise conferences and seminars in relevant subjects to stimulate knowledge exchange. Our Director Prof. Clayton, and Co-Directors Prof. Wilkins and Dr. Zhou are also frequent invited speakers in many other conferences. ​

  • Advice and guidance: we work with policy makers, industrial leaders, societies, associations, professional bodies and individuals to provide advice and guidance on policies and standards. ​

  • Exchange opportunities: we share the passion and vision with other education institutions and establishments to provide exchange opportunities and funding for students, scholars and staff. 

  • Resource platform for higher education institutions: we continue to develop and provide a platform for higher education institutions to obtain resources across the world for their developments. 

  • Online research and learning network: to overcome the geographical boundaries, we provide an online platform for researchers and learners across the world to facilitate knowledge exchange. The platform and relevant programmes will be co-organised by CCISTC and its international partners. Please note that any events or programmes organised through this initiative do not form any part of the University admission process or activities. They do not represent any University degree education or qualifications.