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Cambridge Centre for the Integration of Science, Technology and Culture


Global partner:

Maxer Education Institute


Maxer Education Institute (Maxer) prides itself on building partnerships among educational institutions across the world, to increase mutual understanding and collaboration at all levels. Maxer specialises in many educational projects in including joint degree cooperation, study abroad programme, online learning and research programme, residential summer and winter programmes in Cambridge, Oxford and London, professional training and networking events such as International Education Summit, Overseas academics or talent recruitment, visiting fellowships. ​Thus far, over 5000 students, academics and professionals from more than 100 universities have participated in Maxer programmes that are co-designed with its educational partners.​


Greater China:

China UK Development Centre


China UK Development Centre (CUDC) was established in 2012, marking the 40th anniversary of full diplomatic relations between the UK and China. CUDC continuously promotes interaction and knowledge sharing between brightest students of the UK and China. Enhancing collaborations between the two countries in areas of education, language and culture will ultimately result in innovations that will transform and improve lives, considering the academic excellence of both nations. CUDC actively helps to build bridges between the two countries' top universities, opening avenues for cooperation and collaboration in various fields. These efforts are endorsed by the Education Section of the Chinese Embassy in the UK, which continuously encourage universities in China to build partnerships with top universities in the UK.​



SOWA Education for international exchange

SOWA Education originated in 2008. Since its establishment, it has been focusing on “International Education”, “Talent Exchange” and “Japanese Culture Promotion”, and committed to the international exchanges between Japan and overseas in various disciplines.

With its headquarters in Kyoto, Japan, SOWA aims to integrate the educational and cultural resources of higher education industry, promote the exchange of transnational talents, especially to strengthen the cooperation with overseas high-quality educational resources, cultivate international talents with pioneering spirit, innovative thinking and entrepreneurial competence.